Kid Flix 1

Recommended ages 3-7.
All films either in English or without dialogue.

grown up award-winner one, two, tree

Yulia Aronova
France; 2015 , 7 min

It’s the story of a tree, a tree like any other. One day, it jumps into a pair of boots and goes off for a walk, inviting everyone to follow.

Julia Ocker
Germany; 2015 , 3.5 min

Baking a cake should be much easier with eight arms, but that’s only if all arms agree on what cake they’re going to make!

still from me jane

Paul and Sandra Fierlinger
USA; 2014 , 9 min

Jane Goodall is renowned for her work with apes in the jungle, but as Patrick McDonnell’s heartwarming tale shows, her curiosity, spirit and sense of adventure started long ago with...

Andy Martin
UK; 2015 , 1 min

Our new favorite band performs a pocket-sized poem about our favorite subject: food!

still from the film Looks

Susann Hoffmann
Germany; 2014 , 3 min

A grey lynx doesn’t quite fit into the colorful world around him, and resorts to dark behavior in order to blend in.

still from the film Zoo Story

Veronika Zacharova
Czech Republic; 2015 , 4 min

What happens when a little girl who is bored at the zoo suddenly notices a big gorilla?

Pete List
USA; 2015 , 7.5 min

A devious spin on a classic tale of a hungry fox and plump goose. Complete with a chorus of concerned little chicks!

Seth Boyden
USA; 2015 , 5.5 min

A stone will encounter lots of obstacles over the course of a millennium, but is there any greater disruption than that of human civilization?

still from the film The Girl Who Spoke Cat

Dotty Kultys
UK; Poland; 2014 , 6 min

A curious girl wants to add some color into her predictable, organized world where there’s a proper way of walking, looking — even eating soup!

still from the film 'memories of the sea'

Thais Drassinower
Brazil; USA; 2015 , 9 min

Fidel is six years old and has a lot of opinions, but doesn’t quite understand the changes happening within his family