Kid Flix 2

Recommended ages 8 to adult
Films are in English or with English subtitles.

Shingo Usami
Australia; 2015, 10 min

A father and son work their way past loss to strengthen cultural bonds in the unlikeliest of places: the lunchbox.

Marta Palazzo
Lorenzo Latrofa
Italy; 2015, 8 min

Nino and Felix, two boys thrown together by circumstance, must learn to work it out in fantastical fashion to find common ground.

Ervin B. Nagy
Hungary; 2016, 7 min

Eleven-year-old “Little Mouse” is a naturally gifted swimmer who earned a spot at the Bucharest Youth Championship. Will she have what it takes to out-lap the big kids?

Elizabeth Ito
USA; 2015, 9 min

The animated high school challenges of T-Kesh, your average Monster-American teenager.

Sonia Cendón
Sara Esteban
Arnau Gòdia
Ingrid Masarnau
Martí Montañola
Spain; 2016, 7 min

Roger is used to being the leading man in a stop-motion series. But when his good luck runs out on set, he must learn how to claw his way back...

Olga Osorio
Spain; 2016, 9 min

Summer, 1982. Teo claims he has found the fabled Einstein-Rosen Bridge through space and time. His brother Óscar doesn’t believe him…at least not for now.

Rhea Dadoo
USA; 2016, 3 min

It’s about friendship and reflecting on personal journeys. Also, dogs!

Job, Joris, & Marieke
Netherlands; 2016, 21 min

Three friends must walk a day in each other’s shoes…and legs, and torsos.