Kid Flix 2

Recommended ages 8 to adult
Films are in English or with English subtitles.

still from One Hell of a Plan

Jean-Loup Felicioli
Alain Gagnol
France; 2016 , 6 min

Mo and Carl are two hapless burglars with one great plan. It involves a special potion, countless cats, a little old lady, and plenty of opportunities for disaster.

still from the film Minoule

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin
France; 2014 , 4 min

One determined cat goes to great lengths for a tasty canary.

still from by the name of boston

Grant Kolton
USA; 2015 , 2.5 min

William Boston lives in the desert and doesn’t care for many things, though he does have one friend, a scorpion named Chester.

still from 'two left feet'

Isabella Salvetti
Italy; 2015 , 6 min

Mirko loves soccer, but when it comes to the cute girl he spots nearby, does he have game?

still from Two Friends

Natalie Chernysheva
France; Russia; 2014 , 4 min

Even best friends can have trouble understanding each other when they are from two different worlds.

still from Air-Mail

Isabelle Favez
France; Switzerland; 2015 , 6 min

A young woman lives alone with her cunning cat, secretly in love with the boxer next door. Thanks to her cat’s adventures, she gets closer to contact with her crush.

still from Changeover

Mehdi Alibeygi
Iran; 2014 , 1.5 min

A young bird engages in a surprising courtship…on a badminton court.