Boys Beyond Boundaries

Shorts | 75 min.

Recommended ages: 10+

Taking a cue from our popular Girls’ POV program, we’ve added a new one this year. Join us for even more films that push against barriers of how boys and girls should be and be seen. Take a spin with Janero as he vies to become The King of Twirl, consider how to transcend differences of culture and language to make friends in Hello Salaam, and explore how your identity is in your own hands—or er, paws—in Cat Days.

Shorts in this lineup:

Albert & Aidan Sykes

USA | Animated Documentary
Richard O'Connor; 2016, 3 min.

Aidan starts this poignant animated interview with his dad by asking: "Do you remember what was going through your head when you first saw me?”

Cat Days

Germany, Japan | Animation
Jon Frickey; 2018, 11 min.

in Japanese, with English subtitles

Jiro feels sick. When his father takes him to the doctor, tests reveal it’s nothing serious, and yet make for surprising news about Jiro. But who says you can’t challenge the results?

The Day I Beat the Sky

France | Animation
Hugues Valin; 2016, 3 min.

in French, with English subtitles

One boy finds a creative way to tap into his anxieties and transform them into art.

Hello Salaam

Netherlands | Documentary
Kim Brand; 2017, 15 min.

in Arabic, in Dutch, with English subtitles

Two boys from Holland are headed on a big journey, traveling to a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos where their mothers volunteer. How will the boys bridge such big differences in language, culture, and experiences to make friends and build meaningful bonds?

The King of Twirl

Netherlands | Documentary
Xander de Boer; 2016, 16 min.

in Dutch, with English subtitles

This dance-documentary follows 11-year-old Janero as he pursues competitive twirling and faces down both physical challenges and stereotypes about what most consider a girls’ sport.

The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm

USA | Documentary
Amy Schatz; 2018, 19 min.

Mixing documentary footage and hand-painted animation, this gentle yet powerful family story centers on Elliott's connection to his beloved great-grandfather Jack, an Auschwitz survivor. Jack relates his important history and forges an indelible, tender bond between generations.


Germany | Live Action
Karsten Dahlem; 2017, 16 min.

in German, with English subtitles

Behind Ole’s harsh exterior is a kid who misses his mom and feels misfit. Fortunately, his schoolmate Davie is a lot tougher than she looks, and she uses all her strength to push back against his bullying to model another way for him.

Scrap Dolls

USA | Live Action
Aúde Ćuenod; 2017, 14 min.

On the east side of Detroit, an 11-year-old boy discovers the transformative power of art over loss when he happens upon a self-fashioned conjurer of abandoned objects.

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