Girls' POV

Shorts | 75 min.

Recommended ages: 10+

The stories here go way beyond fairy tales of girls spinning straw into gold. Spin your own creative future alongside righteous DJ Van(essa) in Flip the Record, leap over stereotypes in a single bound with the clever Superperson, and stay on point with the determined focus of our b-balling protagonist in Game.

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Shorts in this lineup:

Black Barbie

Ghana | Animation
Comfort Arthur; 2016, 4 min.

Confronting limited mainstream media depictions, this artful animation poetically explores the filmmaker’s challenges with self-acceptance growing up.

Flip the Record

Philippines, USA | Live Action
Marie Jamora; 2016, 15 min.

It’s 1984, the dawn of the DJ era, and Vanessa’s had it with piano lessons and the constraints of her conservative Filipino-American family. Slowly, on the sly, she sets about learning how to scratch on her older brother's turntables and spins herself a new persona.*


USA | Live Action
Jeannie Donohoe; 2017, 15 min.

A.J. Green, a new kid in town, shows up at boys’ basketball tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Can it be sustained?

Safia’s Summer

Netherlands | Documentary
Els Van Driel; 2016, 15 min.

in Dutch, with English subtitles

Displaced from her home in Libya, Safia must take on the tricky balancing act of growing up without knowing where she and her family will settle.


Netherlands | Animation
Bastiaan Schravendeel; 2017, 7 min.

Whenever Esra misses her train, her go-to for killing time is playing a game on her smartphone. But soon, a classic Cube challenges her attention.


Spain | Live Action
Susana Casares; 2016, 14 min.

in Spanish, with English subtitles

Silvia throws a sleepover party, but things can be complicated when your house doesn’t quite match what they think of as a home.


Australia | Animation
Philip Watts; 2017, 2 min.

A citizen needs rescuing. Luckily, there’s a superhero on hand who just needs somewhere to get into costume...


UK | Animation
Jennifer Zheng; 2016, 5 min.

in English, in Mandarin, with English subtitles

A Chinese mother and her British-born daughter trade perspectives as they look back in order to move forward in this culturally-nuanced story.

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