Short Films Three

Runtime: 75 min. | Recommended Ages: 12+
Searching for connection and striving to make your mark are the core themes that will lead you through a fabulously eclectic collection in Short Films Three. Set on a stunning Nepalese steppe, the teens in The Silent Echo just want to be heard, and make a daring trek to do so. If in space no one can hear you scream, as the saying goes, maybe you can instead get a little facial recognition going in the deadpan It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone. And Gerry’s the sweetest great-auntie you’ll ever know, and her great-nephew knows the best time to catch her is when She Dreams at Sunrise, from NYICFF award-winning alum Camrus Johnson.

Shorts in this lineup:

She Dreams At Sunrise

United States
Animation, Camrus Johnson, 2021, 11 min.
In English

The Silent Echo

Bangladesh, France, India, Nepal | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Suman Sen, 2021, 16 min.
In Nepali, with English subtitles

It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone

Animation, Matisse Gonzalez, 2020, 11 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

Lola’s Work

United States |
Animation, Richard O'Connor, 2021, 3 min.
In English

A Bite of Bone

Animation, Honami Yano, 2021, 10 min.
In Japanese, with English subtitles

Damn It!

Germany | North American Premiere
Animation, Elena Walf, 2021, 1 min.
No dialogue

Wall Piano

Palestine | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Asma Ghanem, Christopher Marianetti, Alexia Webster, 2020, 3 min.
In Arabic, with English subtitles


United States
Animation, Zach Dorn, 2021, 12 min.
In English

Gen Tree

Israel | New York Premiere
Animation, Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler, 2020, 3 min.
Hebrew, with English subtitles

Just a Drop in the Bucket

France | North American Premiere
Animation, Eugénie Marguerite, 2021, 4 min.
In French, with English subtitles