Short Films Three

Runtime: 75 min. | Recommended ages: 12+
Searching for connection and striving to make your mark are the core themes that will lead you through a fabulously eclectic collection in Short Films Three. Set on a stunning Nepalese steppe, the teens in The Silent Echo just want to be heard, and make a daring trek to do so. If in space no one can hear you scream, as the saying goes, maybe you can instead get a little facial recognition going in the deadpan It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone. And Gerry’s the sweetest great-auntie you’ll ever know, and her great-nephew knows the best time to catch her is when She Dreams at Sunrise, from NYICFF award-winning alum Camrus Johnson.

Shorts in this lineup:

She Dreams At Sunrise

In this heartwarming animated film, an elderly woman escapes her mundane reality through her dreams while her attentively optimistic great-nephew helps reconnect her to what she's really missing.

The Silent Echo

Four teenagers from a remote mountain village spend their days in an abandoned bus on a vast, sparsely populated ridge in Nepal, playing music. When a band competition is organized in a neighboring town, they must gather the money and even more challengingly, the courage, to be part of it in this stunningly set Oscar-longlisted short.

It Was Only A Rock That Looked Like Someone

Adam and Steve are two astronauts with a mission: they have to send space samples to Earth with the help of a robot. The work starts to wear thin, especially for Steve. That is, until he starts to see very familiar faces in the stones of the planet.

Lola’s Work

After years in the Philippines, Grandma Lola came to the US to help raise her grandchildren. Her grandson shares the greatest lesson Lola taught him.

A Bite of Bone

Vividly-rendered animation relays this story of a little girl’s last summer with her father.

Damn It!

Ever think you’ve got it all made, and well, oops! The classic struggle between good and evil is not always black and white in this hilarious short.

Wall Piano

The keys to a life well-lived are barrier-free in this daydream of a young girl who lives under the shadow of a separation wall in Ramallah.


A pop song cover transforms the lives of an enigmatic folk singer and her family in this brilliantly crafted stop-motion short.

Gen Tree

In a town where the adults live on ground level and children refuse to come down from the treetops, a series of interviews sets out to discover what the generations misunderstand about each other.

Just a Drop in the Bucket

A very long road trip or failure to launch?: you be the judge in this classic parent teen war of wills.



Sunday, March 13th
SVA Theatre
Followed by Q&A with "She Dreams at Sunrise" director Camrus Johnson