Virtual Cinema FAQs

Have more questions?
For more information about NYICFF's short film programs, film recommendations, or anything else NYICFF contact us at or (212) 349-0330. For technical support check out Vimeo's help center!

How do I screen?
Head to our Virtual Cinema page and follow the steps! Once you hit "Buy Tickets" you'll be directed to Vimeo, where you can screen the programs.

What programs can I screen?
Kid Flicks One and Kid Flicks Two are currently available. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on future at-home offerings from NYICFF!

Where can I watch?
NYICFF Virtual Cinema is powered by Vimeo, so you can watch on your computer or on Vimeo mobile, Apple TV, and Roku apps.

Do I need a Vimeo account?
Yes. If you do not already have a Vimeo account, you will need to create one.

How does purchasing NYICFF Kid Flicks help support my local theater?
Just like when buying a ticket at the door, your local theater gets a cut of the revenue for every purchase. In this case, your local theater gets 70%!

Does one ticket include both Kid Flicks programs?
No. In order to watch both Kid Flicks One and Two, a ticket is needed for each.

Can I vote for my favorite films?
Click on these links to complete online ballots for Kid Flicks One and Kid Flicks Two. Or print the ballots out and vote just like at the Festival!

Where can I learn more about what's available to watch with my family?
Each week we're posting our recommendations for short films, feature films, and filmmaking activities for all ages. You can find them in our email newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and on our new blog!

I'm having trouble screening the programs. What should I do?
Here are a few tech tips if you're having trouble:

  • Try restarting your device and internet router and/or modem
  • If video playback is slow, try pausing the video and waiting for it to buffer
  • Try another browser, like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox