Teaching Materials

FilmEd From Home

Below you'll find materials to provide arts enrichment and media literacy learning opportunities at home through film.

These simple worksheets include a link to a streamable film, key words, discussion points, activities and interviews with filmmakers. Learners can be guided by a teacher or guardian, or if they are reading, they can do them on their own.


Sherbert Rozencrantz, You're Beautiful – Recommended for grades K-2, but still good for 3-5 – PDF, Google Doc


Borrowed Light – Recommended for grades 3+ – PDF, Google Doc


Game – Recommended for grades 6+ – PDF, Google Doc

If you are looking for more short films to stream, check out our BLOG which will be updated weekly with new films. 

Field Trip Resources

Joining us for a field trip? We've got you covered with customized discussion guides, activities, and conversation starters for before and after your visit.

Film-Ed One

Grades K-2 – The films in this program rely on music, color, and clear narratives to tell their stories either with no dialogue or in English


Film-Ed Two

Grades 3-5 – Films in this program display a variety of film techniques with layered stories and perspectives. Some films include subtitles.


Film-Ed Three

Grades 6-8 – With many diverse cultural perspectives, these films explore identity and belonging.


Girls' POV

Grades 6-8 – Girls’ POV offers a window into the trials and triumphs of girls around the world and a refreshingly honest take on the young female experience.


Film-Ed Spanish Language

Grades 3-6 – Short films in Spanish with English subtitles, curated for native speakers, dual language learners and groups interested in exploring Latino stories.



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