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Gagarine | New York Int'l Children's Film Festival
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Live Action, Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh; 2022, 102 min.
Recommended ages: 13+
In French, with English subtitles
Yuri, 16, has lived all his life in Gagarine Towers, a vast, red-brick housing project on the outskirts of Paris. It’s not always the most relaxing place to live, but it is a vibrant, warm and richly diverse community filled with people from all corners of the world. From the heights of his apartment, Yuri dreams of becoming an astronaut. On the ground, he utilizes his engineering know-how to keep his home base humming. So when plans to demolish Gagarine are leaked, Yuri joins the resistance. With his friends Diana (Lyna Khoudri of The French Dispatch) and Houssam, he embarks on a mission to save his home, transforming the building into his very own “starship.” This Cannes award-winner dazzles with both cinematographic and  deep-space bravura while holding up decent housing as a core human right.

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