Kids Cup

Festival 2022
Feature Denmark, Finland, Norway
Documentary, Line Hatland; 2021, 90 min.
Recommended ages: 10+
Arabic, Chinese, In English, Norwegian, Portugese, with English subtitles
The Norway Cup is the world’s biggest soccer tournament for kids, and tough teams overcome enormous challenges—on and off the pitch—to play in it. Tenacious Afnan worries about the fighting back home in Palestine, while introspective American Khalidi navigates showing respect for his Tanzanian father, even when they don’t see eye to eye. Yu from China misses her father, and Fred from Brazil dreams of getting off of the bench. Their goal is the same: to win, of course. But along with the distinct challenges they bring from abroad, they also meet new ones: unfair referees, bland cafeteria food (and lots of fish!), homesickness, and the sting of a missed penalty shot. But there are wonders, too: for some, it’s teen flirtation, for others, it’s the marvels of the bounty at the candy shop, and for some, it’s even the running water in the locker room. Above all, Kids Cup is about teamwork, friendship, and discovering that today’s goal is a new generation’s to define. Note: film contains mild language and sexual references
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