Okko's Inn

Festival 2019
Feature Japan | World Premiere English-language Version
Animation, Kitarō Kōsaka; 2018, 94 min.
Recommended ages: 8+
In English
Bright-eyed Okko has joined her grandmother at their family-run, hot springs inn, rolling up her sleeves to learn the traditional ways. Her way to deal with the recent loss of her parents is to work diligently and think of others instead of herself. She does great, though as a city kid the country creatures make her jumpy, as does a surprising new friend she finds “spirited” in more ways than one. Okko’s Inn beautifully addresses themes of loss, altruism, and love, while offering that—even in the face of challenges—compassion and delight can, and will, abound. Okko’s Inn hits theaters nationwide on April 22 & 23 in both its Japanese and English versions. Presented with support from     

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