Supa Modo

Plucky Jo’s head is filled with the superheroes and action films that she so loves. Her posters of action heroes brighten the walls of the hospital where she battles cancer, and keep the spirits up and imaginations active for all the children who share her ward. So when her mother decides to take her home, she feels cut off from the community that helps her cope. It’s Jo’s older sister, Mwix, who understands that the magical, communal nature of filmmaking might be the very force to sustain Jo and the whole town of Mawel, proving it takes a village, and sometimes a movie, to make things better together.

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Sun Feb 24, 11:00am
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Sat Mar 2, 1:00pm
SVA Theatre
Sat Mar 9, 11:00am
SVA Theatre
Director Q&A

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