Heebie Jeebies Shorts

Shorts | 75 min.

Recommended ages: 10+

Slightly spooky, sometimes silly, and always off the beaten path, Heebie Jeebies rewards quirky-minded audiences with unique tales that go beyond the expected. You may have been told not it’s not polite to eat and run, but be prepared to dash at The Dinner Party. If you’re more the type to face your fears, join Jim for some hilarious jolts in Shock Therapy. Or tame your fight-or-flight instincts with the ethereal stop-motion beauty of Eternal Hunting Grounds.

Shorts in this lineup:

The Burden

Sweden | Animation
Niki Lindroth von Bahr; 2017, 14 min.

in Swedish, with English subtitles

Upbeat, downbeat, and quirky beyond belief, this unique stop-motion short is filled with the unexpected, including catchy post-apocalyptic tap dancing, telemarketing, and auto-tune numbers that rattle your norm to the core.

Dentures of Death

UK | Live Action
Elias Sommer; 2017, 14 min.

When Tommy’s parents go out, he’s forced to spend a nervous night in the company of his very old great-uncle. With Tommy losing his first tooth and Great Uncle losing his last, all signs point to a harrowing conclusion in this comically dark tale of youthful misunderstanding.

The Dinner Party

Sweden | Animation
Jacob Stålhammar; 2017, 6 min.

in Swedish, with English subtitles

A mysterious host invites guests to a dinner party. However, his strange friends have even stranger eating habits…


USA | Animation
Wanjun Bei; 2016, 3 min.

What's a monster—eerie, creepy, not a "normal" creature? Ellee challenges us to rethink difference and test our lenses.

Eternal Hunting Grounds

Norway | Animation
Elin Grimstad; 2016, 20 min.

Two children play on an island. Their favorite game: to search under stones, on the beach, in the mud, and in the fields, hunting for creatures that have given up the ghost.

Notes on Monstropedia

Japan | Animation
Koji Yamamura; 2017, 6 min.

A monsterologist in Medieval Europe crafts an intricate, illuminated bestiary. The result is a comprehensive monster archive, searchable by artful turns of phrase and set to the slightly creepy if classical strains of a harpsichord.

Shock Therapy

UK | Animation
Matthieu Landour & Bali Engel; 2017, 7 min.

Spiders, snakes, name it, Jim’s afraid of it. One day, he bravely decides to try a kind of shock therapy—facing your fears directly—by inviting the whole load of them into his home.


Belgium, France | Animation
Paul Jadoul; 2016, 8 min.

A lumberjack is working in the forest when a tree falls on him and traps him. In his plight, his inner animal is awakened…

Two Snails Set Off

France | Animation
Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Romain Segaud; 2017, 3 min.

A star-studded French voice cast joins in on this witty walk, or rather creep, to the dark side, which takes as its starting point a classic poem by Jacques Prévert.

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