Belle & Sebastian: Next Generation

Belle & Sebastian: Next Generation (2023)

Belle et Sébastien: Nouvelle génération

City kid Sebastian, 10, is less than thrilled to spend school break with his grandmother and aunt in the countryside instead of filling his days with parkour around Paris with his friends. Though the family farm is in the stunning French Pyrenees mountains, Seb finds herding sheep utterly boring. That is, until he meets Belle, a beautifully humongous canine with a heart as gold as her voluminous locks. When Seb learns that Belle is being mistreated by her owner, he’s ready to draw on his city pluck and do what it takes to protect his new friend. In the process, he just might find a way to save the family farm from greedy developers and looming climate change. Filled with gorgeous mountain scenery and modern themes, this contemporary version of Belle and Sebastian delivers on its next gen title. If, like us, you’re already a member of the fervent Belle and Sebastian fanbase, you know that the real screen starlet is Belle. If not, prepare for some puppy love at first sight.

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