Boys Beyond Boundaries


Recommended ages: 10+

Taking a cue from our popular Girls’ POV program, we’ve added a new one this year. Join us for even more films that push against barriers of how boys and girls should be and be seen. Take a spin with Janero as he vies to become The King of Twirl, consider how to transcend differences of culture and language to make friends in Hello Salaam, and explore how your identity is in your own hands—or er, paws—in Cat Days.

Shorts in this lineup:

Scrap Dolls

USA | Live Action
Aúde Ćuenod; 2017, 14 min.


Germany | Live Action
Karsten Dahlem; 2017, 16 min.
in German, with English subtitles

The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm

USA | Documentary
Amy Schatz; 2018, 19 min.

The King of Twirl

Netherlands | Documentary
Xander de Boer; 2016, 16 min.
in Dutch, with English subtitles

Hello Salaam

Netherlands | Documentary
Kim Brand; 2017, 15 min.
in Arabic, in Dutch, with English subtitles

The Day I Beat the Sky

France | Animation
Hugues Valin; 2016, 3 min.
in French, with English subtitles

Cat Days

Germany, Japan | Animation
Jon Frickey; 2018, 11 min.
in Japanese, with English subtitles

Albert & Aidan Sykes

USA | Animated Documentary
Richard O'Connor; 2016, 3 min.

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