Festival 2021
Curaçao, Netherlands | International Premiere
Live Action, Eché Janga; 2020, 86 min
Recommended Ages: 12+
in Papiamento and Dutch, with English subtitles
Headstrong Kenza lives with her father Ouira and grandfather Weljo on a beautifully situated plot of land that doubles as a car wrecking yard on the coast of Curaçao. Father and son are opposites: Ouira is a no-nonsense police officer with an eye toward the future, while Weljo finds meaning in the past through the spirituality of his African ancestors and the island’s native inhabitants. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Kenza seeks to find her own place, and identity. Her search takes flight as she gravitates toward the mystical traditions of her grandfather.

Note: This film deals with themes of death and loss