Friends & Neighbors: Mexico (2018)

Runtime: 70 min. | Recommended Ages: 7+

Join us in warmly welcoming our friends and neighbors to the south, Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival, who recently celebrated their 15th anniversary! We’re showcasing and saluting shorts that innovatively highlight Latin American culture and demonstrate that art has no borders.

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Shorts in this lineup:

Far from Home

Lejos de Casa

Live Action, Mayra Veliz, 2016, 13 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

A Hole

El Agujero

Animation, Maribel Suarez, 2016, 5 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

Mateo and the Cinema

Mateo y el Cine

Animation, Luis Felipe Hernández Alanis, 2015, 4 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

The Piñata King

UK | World Theatrical Premiere
Documentary, Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee & Paul Storrie, 2017, 3 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

Piñata Love

USA | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Joel Ramirez, 2017, 6 min.

Tintico’s Afternoons

Las Tardes de Tintico

Animation, Alejandro García Caballero, 2012, 11 min.

Rain in the Eyes

Lluvia en los Ojos

Animation, Rita Basulto, 2013, 9 min.

Lucy vs. the Limits of Voice

Lucy Contra las Limites de Voz

Live Action, Mónica Herrera, 2012, 10 min.
In Spanish, with English subtitles

Elena and the Shadows

Elena y las sombras

Animation, César Cepeda, 2016, 7 min.


Animation, Anna Cetti & Guicho Nuñez, 2017, 4 min.

Creativity Does Not Recognize Walls

La Creatividad no Reconoce Muros

Animation, Fernando Campos, 2017, 2 min.