Friends & Neighbors: Netherlands 2 (2019)

Recommended ages: 10+
Program runtime: 70 min.

We’re crossing the Atlantic to pair up with far-flung Friends & Neighbors this year. Cinekid, The Netherland’s premiere film festival for children, comes ashore to share their best films. Featuring a range of different cultures and themes—from Old Amsterdam to New York—and fresh stories that keep history alive.

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Shorts in this lineup:

1Minute Nature: My Cat in Me

Animated Documentary, Stefanie Visjager, Katinka Baehr, 2016, 1 min.
No dialogue


Netherlands | North American Premiere
Live Action, Nima Mohaghegh, 2018, 33 min.
In Dutch, with English subtitles


Netherlands | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Marlies van der Wel, 2018, 8 min.
No dialogue



Documentary, Astrid Bussink, 2017, 15 min.
In Dutch, with English subtitles

Passing By

Netherlands | North American Premiere
Animation, Job, Joris & Marieke, 2018, 1 min.
No dialogue

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

Netherlands | North American Premiere
Documentary, Martijn Blekendaal, 2018, 27 min.
In English

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