It’s a Summer Film!

Festival 2022

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Polar Bear Bears Boredom

Koji Yamamura, 2021, 7 min
Live Action, Soushi Matsumoto; 2020, 97 min
Recommended Ages: 10+
In Japanese, with English subtitles
Infatuated with sword-slinging samurai films, Barefoot and her two best friends, Blue Hawaii and Kickboard, study every scene, honing their directorial chops like another martial art. When Barefoot gets the chance to produce her own screenplay for a high school project, it’s both a dream come true and an enormous challenge—especially with all of the support and attention going to a competing student’s cheesy, soft-focus romcom. So Barefoot mobilizes a crew to shoot the film in one summer, guerilla-style. But just as production hits its stride, the sudden appearance of a mysterious, equally samurai-obsessed student brings dismal news of the future of movies. It’s a Summer Film is a love letter to cinema of all stripes, with an exhilarating mix of time travel, swordplay, and girls-behind-the-camera action that will keep you cheering from “Action!” to “Roll credits!”

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