Kid Flicks One

Let your imagination take the wheel with Kid Flicks One. Whether dreaming up the fantastical, like a spider’s goal to capture the moon, or the practical, like a young animator’s future stardom, these shorts are sure to enchant and delight all audiences (but especially our youngest!)

shorts in this program:

A Whisper in the Island of the Heart

United States | New York Premiere
Live Action, Xiaowen Wang, 2022, 13 min
No dialogue


Animation, Fabián Molinaro, 2022, 7 min
No dialogue

Swing to the Moon

France | New York Premiere
Animation, Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, & Solenne Moreau, 2022, 7 min
No dialogue

The Goose

L’Oie du plus fort
Czech Republic, France | United States Premiere
Animation, Jan Mika, 2023, 13 min
No dialogue

Luce and the Rock

Luce and the Rock
Belgium, France, Netherlands
Animation, Britt Raes, 2022, 13 min
In English

To Be Sisters

Entre deux sœurs
France | United States Premiere
Animation, Anne-Sophie Gousset & Clément Céard, 2022, 7 min
No dialogue


United States
Documentary, Toko Shiiki, 2022, 3 min
In English