Kid Flicks Two

Kid Flicks Two is full of challenges big and small: with obstacles like saving a beloved pet goat and navigating a lunar eclipse, this program is full of vibrancy and adventure.

shorts in this program:

Eid Mubarak

United States | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Mahnoor Euceph, 2022, 15 min
In Urdu, with English subtitles

Mall Stories: Attila the Grilla

United States | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Elizabeth Ito, 2022, 7 min
In English

Architect A

건축가 A
Korea | International Premiere
Animation, Jonghoon Lee, 2022, 25 min
In Korean, with English subtitles

Gugu naGogo

Australia | International Premiere
Live Action, Taku Mbudzi, 2022, 20 min
In English, in Shona, with English subtitles

The Dance

El baile
Colombia | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Pedro Pablo Vega Reyes, 2021, 15 min
In Spanish, with English subtitles