Kid Flicks Two (2022)

Kid Flicks Two is full of journeys big and small, from a young artist’s river-bound trek to school and a passerby’s neighborhood stroll to the search for a loving home and or the path to understanding between friends.

shorts in this program:

Comic Escape

United States | New York Premiere
Live Action, Alphonso McAuley, 2021, 15 min
In English

Frank & Emmet

United States | New York Premiere
Live Action, Carlos F. Puertolas, 2021, 12 min
In English

How I Got My Wrinkles

France | World Premiere
Animation, Claude Delafosse, 2022, 12 min
In French, with English subtitles

Salvador Dali

Kyrgyzstan | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Eldiar Madakim, 2021, 19 min
Kirghiz, with English subtitles


Czech Republic | New York Premiere
Animation, Eva Matějovičová, 2021, 5 min
Slovak, with English subtitles


United States
Animation, Nathania Zaini, 2021, 3 min
In English

Generation Impact: The Coder

United States | East Coast Premiere
Documentary, Samantha Knowles, 2021, 7 min
In English