Kid Flicks Two (2018)

Touring Program

Recommended ages: 8+
Program runtime: 79 min.

With a compelling range of styles and themes, Kid Flicks Two offers clever, thought-provoking films sure to inspire audiences ages 8+ to expand their horizons. In the Grand Prize award-winner Game (USA), AJ has the drive to excel but must push through obstacles to get there. Meanwhile, teamwork takes on different stripes when an odd couple of bears are forced to work together in the hilarious stop-motion short Poles Apart (UK). Plus, the CG-animated wonder Gokurōsama (France) bridges cultures and generations by showing us that even in an automated age, a little human touch can still work wonders.

Shorts in this lineup:

Cat Days

Germany, Japan | North American Premiere
Animation, Jon Frickey, 2018, 11 min.
In Japanese, with English subtitles



Live Action, Jeannie Donohoe, 2017, 15 min.


France | New York Premiere
Animation, Clémentine Frère, Aurore Gal, Yukiko Meignien, Anna Mertz, Robin Migliorelli & Romain Salvini, 2016, 7 min.

Hello Salaam

Netherlands | New York Premiere
Documentary, Kim Brand, 2017, 15 min.
In Arabic, In Dutch, with English subtitles

Piñata Love

USA | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Joel Ramirez, 2017, 6 min.

Poles Apart

UK | New York Premiere
Animation, Paloma Baeza, 2017, 12 min.



Animation, Philip Watts, 2017, 2 min.

The Theory of Sunset

Russia | US Premiere
Animation, Roman Sokolov, 2017, 9 min.


USA | New York Premiere
Animation, Sara Litzenberger, 2017, 3 min.