Minuscule: Mandibles From Far Away

film still
Feature France | US Premiere
Animation, Thomas Szabo & Hélène Giraud; 2018, 90 min

Recommended ages: all
No dialogue

“Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…” the rhyme goes, but try heeding that when you’re a quarter of an inch long and home is 4,000 miles away! When accidentally boxed into a chestnut shipment, the ladybug of Minuscule is inadvertently shipped to a Caribbean isle. Its parents embark on an odyssey to find it while, on the island, beachfront developers are threatening native habitats. A wild ride ensues—it’s a bug-eyed ecological view made more eye-popping as a live-action animation hybrid shot in lush Guadeloupe.


Screenings on Sunday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 10th will be in 3D

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