Short Films Three


Recommended ages: 12+

Stoke your energy with this electric lineup, which includes the inventive Fired Up!, punching up a podium speech with animated inspiration. Tough-talking French teens broker high-stakes deals in The Geneva Convention, and The Fancies highlights the fun in fungi with a new breed of absurdly hilarious creatures from Cartoon Network.

Shorts in this lineup:


France | Animation
Chloë Lesueur; 2016, 9 min.

Scent of Geranium

USA | Animation
Naghmeh Frazaneh; 2016, 5 min.

Poles Apart

UK | Animation
Paloma Baeza; 2017, 12 min.

Old Bear

France | Animation
François Heiser; 2016, 11 min.

Negative Space

France | Animation
Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata; 2017, 6 min.

The Geneva Convention

France | Live Action
Benoît Martin; 2016, 15 min.
in French, with English subtitles

Fired Up!

Colombia, Israel, USA | Animation
Dan Fipphen & Elyse Kelly; 2017, 4 min.

The Fancies (Episodes 1&2)

USA | Animation
Stephen Neary; 2017, 4 min.

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