Short Films One

Runtime: 75 min. | Recommended ages: 5 to 10
Families abound in all forms in Short Films One, so whether you get a charge from the wacky humor that fuels Battery Daddy, are tickled by the fuzzy, feel-good inclusiveness of Mama Has a Mustache, or driven to delight by the kismet of NYC schoolkids aiming to make righteous bus connections in Cupids, you’ll have plenty of charmed chances to find your tribe! Full lineup to come…

Shorts in this lineup:

Battery Daddy

Everyone relies on attentive Battery Dad to keep things well-powered and smoothly-run, but when a field trip’s downpour hits, will he still have the power to keep his cool and save the day?

Mama Has A Mustache

In this fully-animated, wildly collaged documentary, kids ages 5 to 10 share their thoughts about how they experience loving, inclusive worlds that aren’t bound by traditional gender binaries.


This whimsical comedy love letter to New York's essential workers follows a whole class on the last day of school as they scheme to find the perfect partner for their adored bus driver, Ms. Cheryl, and save her from a lonely summer without them.

Wolf and Cub

A father and son cross a world of imagination in order to return a bag of their mother's forgotten lunch.

Frank & Emmet

“Frank & Emmet” tells the story of two life-long friends and show-business partners who, after weeks of drifting apart, sit together to address head-on the one thing they’ve never talked about: one of them is a puppet.

The Cat in the Art Park

Even small cats are known for causing chaos, so imagine the hijinks that ensue when this art- park-dwelling cat suddenly grows to the size of a house.


Interconnection, form, function, flow: all these big ideas about change and growth sprout in playful ways when creatures shape shift and dance to the rhythm of discovery.

Star Bound

When six-year-old Jerry gets together with his uncle Joey, a Mission Operations Engineer at NASA, they have so much– try a galaxy-sized amount– to talk about.

Poum Poum!

Poum Poum! is a musical animated film which celebrates the simple and childish joy of hitting drums, scribbling on paper, splashing paint or making cracked cymbals screech.



Friday, March 4th
SVA Theatre


Saturday, March 5th
SVA Theatre


Saturday, March 12th
SVA Theatre