Short Films Three

shortsRuntime: 88 min. | Recommended Ages: 12+
Shorts for our older crowd: teens and grown-ups only.

Shorts in this lineup:

Call Me Anytime, I’m Not Leaving the House

United States | New York Premiere
Documentary, Sanjna Selva, 2022, 10 min.
In English, In Russian, In Ukrainian, with English subtitles

Home of the Heart

À cœur perdu
France | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Sarah Saidan, 2022, 15 min.
In French, In Persian, with English subtitles

Mall Stories: Attila the Grilla

United States | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Elizabeth Ito, 2022, 7 min.
In English


Animation, Sander Joon, 2022, 16 min.
No dialogue

Tank Fairy

Taiwan, United States
Live Action, Erich Rettstadt, 2021, 10 min.
In Mandarin, with English subtitles

The Originals

United States
Animated Documentary, Cristina Costantini & Alfie Koetter, 2022, 10 min.
In English

The Wood Thrush

United States | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Peter Forbes, 2021, 15 min.
In English

The Soloists

Animation, Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Feben Woldehawariat, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, & Yi Liu, 2021, 8 min.
In English