Shorts for Tots

Runtime: 75 min. | Recommended ages: 3+
One small step for a boot, one giant step for a tot will keep you apace in this shorts program filled with gleeful hops of fun. In the international Premiere of Franzy’s Soup Kitchen, it’s all intergalactic good vibes as resident alien chef Franzy stirs up some groovy nourishment to share across the atmosphere. In Step By Step, little red boots join the cinematic pantheon of ruby red slippers and red shoes to confirm there’s no place like home. And we’re always down for the ever-growing glow of Magic Light Pictures, who this year debut its newest small but mighty tale, Superworm!

Shorts in this lineup:

Step By Step

A little rain boot wakes up on a river’s edge, lost from her owner with the big wild forest to trek through and overcome obstacles to make her way back home.


Featuring a terrific voice cast that includes Olivia Colman, Rob Brydon, and more, Superworm is the story of super-long, super-strong hero always ready to help others, including his best friend, Butterfly. But the tables turn one day when Butterfly must help Superworm in when the Wizard Lizard and his sidekick Crow hatch a tricky plan.

Franzy’s Soup Kitchen

Lonely alien Chef Franzy discovers that her special pink soup is not just delicious, but also magical when she shares it with hungry creatures living on a strange planet.

Poum Poum!

Poum Poum! is a musical animated film which celebrates the simple and childish joy of hitting drums, scribbling on paper, splashing paint or making cracked cymbals screech.

The Big Top

The circus is back in town, and Pongolee ‘Pong’ the Pangolin and her assistant Shelley the snail are here to present their newest trick that will blow you away!

Red Junior and the Wolf

In a fairytale world, Red Riding Hood’s granddaughter is best friends with Wolfie, a young wolf. Can Granny Red put aside her past experience and come to know Wolfie on his own merit?




Through Wednesday, April 6th