The Last Glaciers

Festival 2022
United States | World Premiere
Documentary, Live Action, Craig Leeson, Malcolm Wood; 2022, 40 min
Recommended Ages: 10+
In English
Free event! IMAX presents The Last Glaciers, a global adventure following filmmaker Craig Leeson and United Nations Mountain Hero & Entrepreneur, Malcolm Wood as they push the limits of extreme sports using para-alpinism to explore the causes and effects of climate change. From Antarctica to the Himalaya, the Alps, and the Andes, IMAX immerses you in an extraordinary journey to the top of Earth’s glaciers as Leeson and Wood risk their lives to show how rapidly the glaciers are disappearing. Hear from leading scientists and impacted communities about the imminent dangers we face if we fail to protect what’s left of these critical natural water reservoirs. A compelling story of caution and hope, the documentary captures the fragility of the natural world, and the impact humans have on the planet’s life support systems. The film brings forward a call to action from the next generation determined to reverse our climate crisis for their own future. Featuring original music composed by Grammy®-nominated Above & Beyond. The Last Glaciers is part of our Science on Screen® programming. Science on Screen® is an initiative of the Coolidge Theatre with generous support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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