Opening Night: Where Is Anne Frank

Festival 2022
Special Program
Belgium, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Ari Folman; 2021, 99 min
Recommended Ages: 9+
In English
Kitty is the most famous imaginary friend in history, created in the ink-filled pages of Anne Frank’s diary. When she suddenly materializes in the near future as a fully-fledged girl, she can neither find her friend nor understand why her home is now a tourist attraction. Aided by a resourceful pickpocket, a group of young refugees, and modern jeans and sneakers, Kitty sets out to solve the mystery. Her search takes her on a journey criss-crossing through war-era Germany and contemporary Amsterdam, where she constantly and puzzlingly finds Anne’s name on everything from streets and bridges to schools and hospitals. But Kitty can’t shake the feeling that her friend’s true legacy is being overlooked. Award-winning filmmaker Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) mixes a modern punk sensibility with time-spanning fantasy sequences and a Karen O soundtrack to create a poignant, urgent, social justice anthem by way of detective story for all ages.

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