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Celebrating Black Stories | New York Int'l Children's Film Festival
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Celebrating Black Stories

Runtime: 90 min. | Recommended ages: 10+
Celebrating Black Stories spotlights shorts from throughout the Festival and around the world that embrace the joy, resilience, and complexity of the lives of Black youth. Start your journey in the Southern Hemisphere with My Name Is Maluum, the story of a little girl with a big name who shares her history with her classmates. Then connect across continents and comic books with the father-son story of Comic Escape. Cross the Atlantic to see how you can still make joyful noise in the film Silence, a British tale of finding your true self solo and in pairs.

Shorts in this lineup:

My Name is Maluum

Maalum comes from a home surrounded by love and Afro-centered references. When her classmates tease her about her name, Maluum discovers the lovely legacy of her name and ancestry.

Wolf and Cub

A father and son cross a world of imagination in order to return a bag of their mother's forgotten lunch.

The Night I Left America

While anxiously awaiting the results of his mothers visa renewal request, a teenage boy living Texas conjures memories of his life in Uganda.


This whimsical comedy love letter to New York's essential workers follows a whole class on the last day of school as they scheme to find the perfect partner for their adored bus driver, Ms. Cheryl, and save her from a lonely summer without them.

Room Rodeo

Grounded and with a last-minute school project due, Jamil takes matters into his own hands in order to prove he is the great grandson of a legendary Black cowboy.


A young teen in London looks for inspiration in the midst of dull lockdown and finds it in the unlikeliest place.

Comic Escape

A young boy unexpectedly finds a comic book that changes his reality.

Generation Impact: The Coder

Jay Jay Patton was only 13 when she designed and built an app to help kids connect with their incarcerated parents, inspired by her own experience. Now she is creating a coding academy to help other kids do the same.


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Through Wednesday, April 6th