Celebrating Black Stories

Runtime: 90 min. | Recommended Ages: 10+
Celebrating Black Stories spotlights shorts from throughout the Festival and around the world that embrace the joy, resilience, and complexity of the lives of Black youth. Start your journey in the Southern Hemisphere with My Name Is Maluum, the story of a little girl with a big name who shares her history with her classmates. Then connect across continents and comic books with the father-son story of Comic Escape. Cross the Atlantic to see how you can still make joyful noise in the film Silence, a British tale of finding your true self solo and in pairs.

Shorts in this lineup:

My Name is Maluum

Brazil | North American Premiere
Animation, LuĂ­sa Copetti, 2021, 8 min.
In Portuguese, with English subtitles

Wolf and Cub

United States | East Coast Premiere
Animation, Marvin Bynoe, 2021, 8 min.
In English

The Night I Left America

Uganda, United States | New York Premiere
Live Action, Laki Karavias, 2021, 14 min.
English, Luganda with English subtitles


United States
Live Action, Zoey Martinson, 2021, 10 min.
In English

Room Rodeo

United States | East Coast Premiere
Live Action, Daniel Kayamba, 2021, 14 min.
In English


Japan, United Kingdom
Live Action, TJ O'Grady-Peyton , 2020, 14 min.
In English

Comic Escape

United States | New York Premiere
Live Action, Alphonso McAuley, 2021, 15 min.
In English

Generation Impact: The Coder

United States | East Coast Premiere
Documentary, Samantha Knowles, 2021, 7 min.
In English