Heebie Jeebies (2020)

Recommended ages: 10+
Program runtime: 75 min.

Freaky, fun, and far, far out, the always mind-bending Heebie Jeebies returns with more slightly spooky tales. Badgers have had enough fear-mongering and plot their dark-of-night escape in Quarantine, and bedtime routines turn truly bizarre in Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea… Not strange enough? Watch a kid team up with Sasquatch to reclaim the wild in Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes).

Shorts in this lineup:

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)


Canada | New York Premiere
Animation, Amanda Strong, 2018, 19 min.
In English

Deady Freddy


Animation, Alicia Eisen, 2019, 10 min.
In English

Imbued Life

Croatia | New York Premiere
Animation, Ivana Bosnjak & Thomas Johnson, 2019, 12 min.
In Croatian


United Kingdom | New York Premiere
Animation, Astrid Goldsmith, 2018, 13 min.
In English

Sheep, Wolf and a Cup of Tea…

Moutons, loup et tasse de the…

France | New York Premiere
Animation, Marion Lacourt, 2019, 12 min.
No dialogue


Animation, Jola Bańkowska, 2019, 5 min.
No dialogue

Uncle Thomas: Accounting for the Days


Canada, France, Portugal
Animation, Regina Pessoa, 2019, 13 min.
In English

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