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These films are based on a true story or set in a real time in history.

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Not just for girls! These films feature empowering girls breaking the mold.

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These films are based on book or graphic novel.

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Returning filmmakers whose films have screened in previous Festivals

The World of Us

South Korea; Ga-eun Yoon; 2016; 95 min; ages 9+

 NEW YORK PREMIERE — Bright-faced and modest, Sun is a devoted daughter and big sister, but she can’t seem to connect with her classmates. When new girl Jia moves to town over summer break, Sun’s luck begins to change. The two form a fast bond, spending their days trading friendship bracelets, stories, and recipes (you’ll leave craving kimchi). Yet when school starts again, Jia quickly sees Sun as the rest of the class does: as an outcast on the other side of the social class line. But Sun still still holds out hope for friendship with Jia, who despite her popularity, has problems of her own. With intimate shots and a lingering camera, The World of Us presents a quiet but poignant story of the complexities—and, ultimately, the joys—of female friendship, cultural values, and family life that ring true no matter what the setting. In Korean with English subtitles

Note: Main character deals, briefly but realistically, with an alcoholic parent.