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Lu Over the Wall

Japan  | Opening Night, East Coast Premiere
Masaaki Yuasa  |   107 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

Kai’s quiet life in a traditional Japanese seaside town finally starts to rock and roil when he secretly joins a band with his classmates. His true interest is where they practice—on the foreboding Merfolk Island—a place that turns out to be even wilder than the town lore suggests. Enter Lu: a mermaid girl with the soul and voice of a pop star, who steals the show in this shape-shifting, musical/anime hybrid.

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  Fri Feb 23, 6:00pmSVA Theatre  |  Opening nightBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 5:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

White Fang

France, Luxembourg, USA  | Spotlight Screening, East Coast Premiere
Alexandre Espigares  |   85 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

NYICFF alum and Oscar-winning short director Alexandre Espigares returns with his feature debut, a thrilling and thought-provoking adaptation of Jack London’s classic tale.

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  Sat Feb 24, 4:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2, The Austere Academy

USA  | Centerpiece: Special Preview Screening
Barry Sonnenfeld & Daniel Handler  |   98 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

Join us for an exclusive sneak peek as the delightfully dark and witty Lemony Snicket Series goes from book to screen in Season 2 of the Netflix original.

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  Sat Mar 10, 5:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

Best of the Fest Screening and Awards Party

Awards Night
120 minutes

Recommended ages: 8+

It’s time to celebrate four weekends of extraordinary films and an amazing Festival experience—thanks to the filmmakers and YOU, our adventurous and thoughtful audience! Hear your voice echoed loud and clear as we tally the ballots, watch a lively program of the top nominees in the Fest, and make some noise to cheer on award winners as they’re announced. Then lights up and party down!

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  Sat Mar 17, 5:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life

France  | North American Premiere
Clovis Cornillac  |   91 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in French, with English subtitles

A Festival favorite returns with the conclusion of this celebrated French trilogy, capping the adventures of Sebastian and his devoted dog, Belle.

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  Sun Feb 25, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 1:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 4:45pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

France  | Benjamin Renner & Patrick Imbert  |   80 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 7+
in French, with English subtitles

From the director of Oscar®-nominated Ernest & Celestine (NYICFF 2013), Big Bad Fox is a three-part tale that will have you howling!

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  Sat Feb 24, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 11:00amAlamo Drafthouse CinemaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 2:30pmSVA Theatre  |  Special Event — Filmmaker in attendanceBuy tickets

Big Fish & Begonia

China  | East Coast Premiere
Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang  |   105 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

An astonishing work of animation over a decade in the making, Big Fish & Begonia crosses worlds, unleashes the elements, and pushes our understanding of fate itself.

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  Sat Feb 24, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets


USA  | World Premiere
Luke Pearson  |   44 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: all
in English

Join us for this exclusive world premiere of Hilda, adapted from UK author Luke Pearson’s captivating and best-selling series of graphic novels.

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  Sun Feb 25, 2:30pmSVA Theatre  |  Special Event — Filmmaker in attendanceBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

Horus, Prince of the Sun

Japan  | Fest Flashback
Isao Takahata  |   82 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

NYICFF’s Festival Flashback celebrates the golden anniversary of a mythical tale from famed Studio Ghibli founders Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki—a film some say sparked the birth of anime.

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  Sat Feb 24, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 10:45amIFC CenterBuy tickets


Qatar, Swaziland, USA  | Aaron Kopp & Amanda Kopp  |   77 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 10+
in English and SiSwati, with English subtitles

Liyana is both a thrilling, beautifully-illustrated fictional tale of a young girl on a perilous quest to reunite with her brothers and a documentary ode to the power of storytelling and the strength of the human spirit.

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  Sat Feb 24, 3:30pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 5:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step

France  | North American Premiere
Luc Jacquet  |   77 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: all
in English

Twelve years after its first big splash, March of the Penguins returns in grand form with its inimitable narrator Morgan Freeman.

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  Sat Feb 24, 2:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 1:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

Next Door Spy

Denmark  | East Coast Premiere
Karla von Bengtson  |   77 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 7+
in Danish, with English subtitles

Girl detective—check! Skater boy—check! You think you’ve got the stock characters down, but snoop around with the witty and wise Next Door Spy and you’ll find that things aren’t quite what they seem.

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  Sun Feb 25, 11:30amAlamo Drafthouse CinemaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 1:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

Room 213

Sweden  | US Premiere
Emelie Lindblom  |   81 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 10+
in Swedish, with English subtitles

Room 213 has been unoccupied for 60 years. That is, until 12-year-old Elvira and her camp roommates Bea and Meja move in.

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  Sun Feb 25, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 3:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets

Sing Song

Netherlands, Suriname  | North American Premiere
Mischa Kamp  |   96 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 10+
in Dutch, with English subtitles

Breathing life into the musical genre and shining light on a rarely represented corner of the world, Sing Song is a celebration of finding your roots and voice.

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  Sat Mar 3, 5:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 1:00pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets


France  | East Coast Premiere
Arthur de Pins & Alexis Ducord  |   80 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 10+
in French, with English subtitles

Sprung from the comic book pages and crypts alike, celebrated French graphic novelist Arthur de Pins’ characters come to life, or er, undeath, on the big screen with a wickedly wry story of monster liberation.

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  Sun Mar 4, 5:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 5:00pmSVA Theatre  |  Special Event — 3D presentationBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 3:30pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets


Ireland, United Kingdom  | East Coast Premiere
Colin McIvor  |   96 minutes

Feature Recommended ages: 8+
in English

Delve into the Irish WWII experience by following a group of determined youngsters who band together for a cause bigger—much bigger—than themselves.

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  Sun Feb 25, 4:30pmSVA Theatre  |  Special Event — Filmmaker in attendanceBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 3:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 10:45amIFC CenterBuy tickets

Shorts for Tots

  | 60 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 3-6

Even tots get World Premiere status with the debut of The Highway Rat, the newest short from Magic Light Pictures (creators of 2017 Opening Night film Revolting Rhymes). Plus scootch the other engines down the tracks to make way for the artfully compelling stop-motion short Two Trams. If all that commotion leads to some confusion, don’t worry, you’re in good company with A Bit Lost.

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  Sat Feb 24, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Feb 25, 11:00amAlamo Drafthouse CinemaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 11:00amScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 11:00amIFC CenterBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 11:00amIFC CenterBuy tickets

Short Films One

  | 70 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 5-10

Get in the groove with this eclectic mix for our young audiences! Kick the party off with good hygiene and great dubstep in Party Mouth, and we’ll keep the beat rocking steady with the shaggy crew of Paws n Claws. Then be part of the most coveted selfie ever in Undiscovered.

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  Sat Feb 24, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Feb 25, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 11:00amIFC CenterBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

Short Films Two

  | 70 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 8-14

Start your journey by testing out your wheels with the beautifully animated family short If You Fall. Keep pedalling to make the wonder wheel of the world spin in Theory of Sunset, and see how even the flightiest of actions can have unexpected consequences in the hilarious World premiere of Dreamworks’ brand-new short Bird Karma.

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  Sat Feb 24, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Feb 25, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 10:45amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 11:30amAlamo Drafthouse CinemaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 12:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 10:30amSVA TheatreBuy tickets

Short Films Three

  | 75 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 12+

Stoke your energy with this electric lineup, which includes the inventive Fired Up!, punching up a podium speech with animated inspiration. Tough-talking French teens broker high-stakes deals in The Geneva Convention, and The Fancies highlights the fun in fungi with a new breed of absurdly hilarious creatures from Cartoon Network.

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  Sun Feb 25, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 11:00amScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

Heebie Jeebies Shorts

  | 75 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 10+

Slightly spooky, sometimes silly, and always off the beaten path, Heebie Jeebies rewards quirky-minded audiences with unique tales that go beyond the expected. You may have been told not it’s not polite to eat and run, but be prepared to dash at The Dinner Party. If you’re more the type to face your fears, join Jim for some hilarious jolts in Shock Therapy. Or tame your fight-or-flight instincts with the ethereal stop-motion beauty of Eternal Hunting Grounds.

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  Sun Feb 25, 5:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 1:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 4:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 2:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets

Girls’ POV

  | 75 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 10+

The stories here go way beyond fairy tales of girls spinning straw into gold. Spin your own creative future alongside righteous DJ Van(essa) in Flip the Record, leap over stereotypes in a single bound with the clever Superperson, and stay on point with the determined focus of our b-balling protagonist in Game.

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  Sat Feb 24, 1:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 5:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 10, 12:45pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 11, 10:45amIFC CenterBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 1:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets

Boys Beyond Boundaries

  | 75 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 10+

Taking a cue from our popular Girls’ POV program, we’ve added a new one this year. Join us for even more films that push against barriers of how boys and girls should be and be seen! Take a spin with Janero as he vies to become The King of Twirl, consider how to transcend differences of culture and language to make friends in Hello Salaam, and explore how your identity is in your own hands—or er, paws—in Cat Days.

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  Sun Mar 4, 3:15pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 3:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets

Animal Jubilee

Germany  | 60 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: all

We’re thrilled to share the World Premiere of a brand new shorts program, Animanimals, by Julia Ocker, perennial Festival favorite and Audience Award winner (NYICFF 2015-16). If you adored last year’s reptilian snack-lover in Crocodile, you’ll go over the moon and under the ice for the brand new short Penguin and feel snappy in stripes watching Zebra, which are featured alongside a host of other awesome, animal-centric animated shorts!

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  Sat Mar 3, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 17, 11:00amIFC CenterBuy tickets

Friends & Neighbors: Mexico

  | 70 minutes

Shorts Recommended ages: 7+

Join us in warmly welcoming our friends and neighbors to the south, Mexico’s Morelia International Film Festival, who recently celebrated their 15th anniversary! We’re showcasing and saluting shorts that innovatively highlight Latin American culture and demonstrate that art has no borders.

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  Sat Mar 3, 5:00pmScandinavia HouseBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 18, 10:45amIFC CenterBuy tickets

Animators All Around

Special Filmmaker Talk
70 minutes

Recommended ages: 8+

Learn how animation goes from inspiration to sketch to screen from the filmmakers themselves in this special panel presentation chock-a-block with film excerpts and anecdotes about becoming a creative professional. Director Jorge Gutiérrez (Son of Jaguar—Google Spotlight Stories VR; Book of Life) and other special guests will share clips from their films, discuss their influences, and demonstrate how they create their dynamic work through storyboards and stop-motion models.

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  Sat Mar 3, 5:00pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

VR JR. — Talk

VR, Talk
90 minutes

Recommended ages: 8+

Hear industry leaders and creative titans discuss the wide—and growing ever wider—world of Virtual Reality. They’ll talk about their projects, the latest advancements in technology they used, and challenges they encountered along the way. It’s a must-attend for the full VR JR. experience.

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  Sun Mar 4, 2:30pmSVA TheatreBuy tickets

VR JR. — Experiences

60 minutes

Recommended ages: 8+

Explore a new facet of creative production with a set of virtual reality projects that place kids at the helm of their own immersive story world. Your ticket gives you access to all of the cutting-edge VR JR. experiences we’re proudly presenting. You’ll put on a headset and we’ll show you new worlds.

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  Sat Mar 3, 10:00amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 11:30amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 1:00pmCinépolis ChelseaSold out
  Sat Mar 3, 2:30pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 4:00pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sat Mar 3, 5:30pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 10:00amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 11:30amCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 1:00pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 2:30pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 4:00pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets
  Sun Mar 4, 5:30pmCinépolis ChelseaBuy tickets